Worship @ 10:30 am Sunday mornings on-site beginning February 28th

How will we know where to sit?  
We are closing every other pew.  The pews that are closed are marked red.  We ask that you
sit in one of the open pews and sit on either end of that pew.  This will accommodate two
people on each end of the pew with 6 feet between the two groups.  If you have more than 2
in your family, feel free to sit together; we would ask in this case that no one sit at the other
end of that pew to maintain social distancing.  

Is there a way to enter and exit the sanctuary?  
Yes.  When you get to church feel free to come into the sanctuary and find your seat.  After
the service, we ask that everyone leave by pew, via the center aisle beginning with those
closest to the rear sanctuary doors.  

Will I need to wear a face covering/mask?
Yes. We expect the entire congregation to wear face-coverings/masks. I know that this one is
uncomfortable folks. We do this out of love for one another. Some are more vulnerable than
others and we want to protect anybody that comes to worship, so we wear face coverings as a
gift of love. The apostle Paul said that he had freedom to do certain things, but that if
someone else worried about doing those things, then he would refrain from exercising his
freedom to help his brother or sister in Christ. Please bring your own face covering if you
have one. If you don’t have one or forget yours, one will be provided for you.

What kind of Social Distancing do we need to practice?
In addition to spacing during worship and wearing of face coverings, we ask people to refrain
from hugging and shaking hands for a while. One day the Lord will allow us this blessing when
we gather. I know it is hard right now, but just like a hug expresses our affection and love,
right now one of the best ways to express that affection and love is to refrain from this kind of
physical contact to protect those we love.

What about singing and congregational reading?
Singing is one of the joys of worship. But it is also one of the ways that the virus spreads most
easily among churches. So we will have special music provided for us, but will not be including
congregational singing in the worship service right now.

How will offering be collected?
We will have a collection point where you can leave your offerings before or after worship. We
will not pass a plate during the service so we can avoid many people touching the collection
plates. We will have a time during the service to dedicate these offerings to the Lord.

Will there be a children’s sermon?  
I love our children’s story time as much as our children do, and I know you do too. So yes, we
still have a children's Sermon/Story but the children stay in their seats to hear the story.

What about child care during worship?
Die to the need to social distancing, child care is not currently being provided during morning
worship.  We look forward to the day when we can serve you in this capacity.

Will the entire church building be open?
The Sanctuary, Narthex, main hall and bathrooms will be open.  The rest of the facility is
closed for use, including the fellowship hall, classrooms, and kitchen.  You may enter and exit
the building through either the entrance at the parking lot or under the canopy.

Will hand sanitizer be available?  
Yes.  It will be available throughout the building.

Other items.
•        Currently there will be no fellowship time.
•        Sunday School will continue to meet via zoom.
•        Bible Study will continue to meet via zoom.
•        All teams will continue to meet via zoom or conference call.

Please know that we all fully understand and fully respect that each of us is going to feel
differently about the proper time for our own return to in person worship. Know that if you
choose to wait to return, that we all understand that this is not a reflection of your desire to be
in worship. Also know that for those who choose to wait to return,
we will continue to
provide an online option.
Since it will be a recording of the live worship on Sunday
morning, we do need to delay the publishing of that video until late Monday morning.

The details for our gathering in person have been worked out using CDC and State of Illinois
guidelines, along with Church of the Brethren resources including guidance from a Church of
the Brethren epidemiologist.

I believe that the Leadership Team, the Administration Team and the Worship and Arts Team
have been led by the Holy Spirit in developing these plans so we can be together in worship. I
look forward to being with you.

Pastor Dana