Worship @ 9:00 am Sunday mornings on back lawn.

FAQ and expectations

1. Will worship be inside or outside?
• Worship will be on the lawn next to the pavilion.
• Areas will be marked off with painted circles on the church lawn to create the social
• Bring your own lawn chairs, shade umbrellas, bibles.
• The circles will be 10 feet apart which is a best practice guideline. Please sit with your
household in one of the circles.
• Circles will be sized for two to four people. If you need a larger space for a larger household,
please let the church office know by Friday.
• We will save the parking places closest to the lawn for people that would like to sit in their
cars. Please know that there will be no radio option to hear the service, so you will need to
have your windows down.

2. What time is worship?
Worship will be at 9:
00 am in order to keep cooler.

3. What will we do if it rains?
We will cancel on-site worship. The back up is to have everyone view the service online in
cases of inclement weather.

4. Will I need to wear a face covering/mask?
Yes. We expect the entire congregation to wear face-coverings/masks. I know that this one is
uncomfortable folks. We do this out of love for one another. Some are more vulnerable than
others and we want to protect anybody that comes to worship, so we wear face coverings as a
gift of love. The apostle Paul said that he had freedom to do certain things, but that if
someone else worried about doing those things, then he would refrain from exercising his
freedom to help his brother or sister in Christ. Please bring your own face covering if you
have one. If you don’t have one or forget yours, one will be provided for you.

5. What kind of Social Distancing do we need to practice?
In addition to spacing during worship and wearing of face coverings, we ask people to refrain
from hugging and shaking hands for a while. One day the Lord will allow us this blessing when
we gather. I know it is hard right now, but just like a hug expresses our affection and love,
right now one of the best ways to express that affection and love is to refrain from this kind of
physical contact to protect those we love.

6. What about singing and congregational reading?
Singing is one of the joys of worship. But it is also one of the ways that the virus spreads most
easily among churches. So we will have special music provided for us, but will not be including
congregational singing in the worship service right now. We will discuss during worship about
other ways we can worship during music that doesn't use our voices.

7. How will offering be collected?
We will have a collection point where you can leave your offerings after worship. We will not
pass a plate during the service so we can avoid many people touching the collection plates.
We will have a time during the service to dedicate the offerings to the Lord.

8. How will we do sharing and prayer time?
We will have a sharing and prayer time, but we will do it a bit different. To avoid passing a
microphone around, we are asking that you email your prayer requests to by Saturday evening. If you have a last minute request that you
couldn't  email, we will have a place to put a note with your prayer request. They will be read
during the sharing time and then we will have our time of prayer.

9. Will there be a children’s sermon?
I love our children’s story time as much as the children do. We cannot do it the way we usually
do and still maintain social distancing. We are looking at options for how to add that in the
near future.

10. Will the church building be open?
The rest rooms in the main hall will be open. The rest of the facility is closed for use, including
the fellowship hall, sanctuary, and kitchen. The main hall doors to the parking lot will be open
for restroom use. As always please follow social distancing in hallway and rest rooms and
follow good hygiene including hand washing and sanitizing. Waste bins are available at
restroom doors so you can use your hand drying towel to open the restroom door and
dispose of it after.

11. Will hand sanitizer be available?
Yes. It will be available both outside and inside the building.

12. How long will we do worship this way?
The truth is that we don’t know. F
or right now this is an option that allows us to gather
together in worship.

Other items.
• There will be no fellowship time for at least the near future. It will be added in a later stage of
• Sunday School will continue to meet via zoom. Watch for announcements later in the week
about days and times for CHaT and Youth Sunday School.
• Bible Study will continue to meet via zoom.
• All teams will continue to meet off-site via zoom or conference call.

Please know that we all fully understand and fully respect that each of us is going to feel
differently about the proper time for our own return to in person worship. Know that if you
choose to wait to return, that we all understand that this is not a reflection of your desire to be
in worship. Also know that for those who choose to wait to return, we will continue to provide
an online option. Since it includes portions of the live worship, we do delay the publishing of
that video until Monday morning. Hopefully as we learn more about providing multiple
opportunities for worship, we can shorten the time between the on-site worship and the
posting of the online service. Eventually we hope we can offer them both live. We ask for your
patience as we work through learning some new things. The details for our gathering in
person have been worked out using CDC and State of Illinois guidelines, along with Church of
the Brethren resources including guidance from an epidemiologist and of course the
information gathered in the recent survey.

I know that all this is very different from what we are used too, but everything
about life right
has been different and the Lord has helped us through every step of it with blessing and
love. I believe that the Leadership Team, the Administration Team and the Worship and Arts
Team have been led by the Holy Spirit in developing these plans so we can be together in
worship. I look forward to being with you.

Pastor Dana