Peoria Church of the Brethren information regarding COVID-19.

We continue to be a witness for Jesus Christ and His love, His Hope, His Peace, and His
Empowerment.  We are not suspending ministry.  We are looking at new ways of doing
ministry together.  Through this, we will all be stronger together.

•        We will worship together on Sunday via online video.  Details are still being worked out
and will be shared via email, website and Facebook when confirmed, including links for
logging into the worship service.

•        We encourage everyone to take a time of Sabbath.  Much in our lives has been put on
hold and it is an opportunity to spend a little more time with our Lord through bible reading,
study, meditation and private and family worship.

•        All group activities in the building are suspended until April 30.  This includes Sunday
Worship, Sunday School, Lenten Study, and Team Meetings.  This also includes other groups
who use the church building.  

•        The Lenten Study on Jonah has chosen to postpone until such a time as we can
continue to meet in person as a group.

•        The church office is closed at this time.

•        As we temporarily become a Virtual Church, we encourage you to continue the spiritual
practice of generosity and offering.  Your gifts can be mailed to or dropped off in the church
office.  For security reasons we ask that no cash gifts be mailed or left at the office.  

•        For those who do not have Internet, or email access, we will do what we can to keep
folks informed from the church office via phone calls and U.S. Mail.  Keep in mind, the
quickest way is still for someone close to them to pass on this information.  Together, we can
help one another to stay connected.

We know that the world is watching how we as followers of Christ respond.  We continue to be
in prayer for our community and welcome opportunities to serve our neighbors as we shine
the light of Christ into the darkness and fear that so many are feeling right now.  We are all
longing for hope, and Jesus is the source.
God Bless

Update 3-14-20
Peoria Church of the Brethren Family

We are cancelling Sunday Worship this week.  In an effort to protect the most vulnerable of
our community and our church family from coronavirus COVID-19, we will not meet for worship
this week.  

While we will miss each one of you in worship this week, you are encouraged to gather around
God's word in Matthew 6:25-34. A meditation will be shared with you via email and Facebook

Please consider passing this information along to those who do not have email, Facebook, or

One thing I keep in mind is that we are not alone on this journey.  Our God is an Amazing
God, an Awesome God, and a Powerful God.  He is with us always and will help us navigate
these waters.  And in the end, He will receive Glory and Honor and Praise.  Let us rejoice in
these things.

Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Dana

As you are all aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasing nationally and globally.  We
are actively monitoring the status of the virus and taking measures to help us stay safe when
we meet together. Our foremost concern is for the wellbeing of our community.

While this virus is causing great anxiety in our communities that we do not take lightly, we
must remember that we find our true hope and peace in Jesus.  If you know this peace, this
love, and this hope, shine it brightly during this time.  And if you do not yet know the peace,
hope, and love of Jesus, we pray that you will be blessed with His peace, hope and love to
help you in this time.

Here are some things we are doing to help us be safer as we gather together.

First and foremost, we are in prayer for you and our entire community.

Entry Doors - All door handles are being cleaned with sanitizer prior to Services.

Hand Sanitizer - Available after entering building at Guest Service table, Bulletin Table, Office,
Kitchen, Parking Lot door and other locations.

Fellowship Hall and Sunday School Rooms - Door handles, light switches and tables are being
cleaned with sanitizer prior to worship on Sunday, and Lenten Study on Wednesday (FH).

Sanctuary - Doors and Pew tops are being cleaned with sanitizer prior to worship on Sunday.

Bathrooms - In addition to our normal disinfection of bathrooms which includes sanitizing of
facilities, doors and light switches, we have placed garbage cans inside each bathroom door
and recommend people use their paper towel to open the door, then dispose of it in the new

Worship - Friendship Books will not be used during this time.  Offering plates will not be
passed during this time.  Your offering may be brought forward and placed in baskets during
the offering time or placed in baskets at the end of worship.

Greeting - We recommend that a warm greeting and smile be directed to one another rather
than handshakes or hugs.

Meetings - Meetings will be addressed as they come up, pending information available at that

If you exhibit symptoms or feel ill, we ask you to stay home and spend the time getting well.  If
you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 please stay home and follow CDC
guidelines.  We will miss you and be in prayer for you and look forward to being with you
soon.  And if you have a need while home sick, please let us know.

Please take time to read the guidelines available at

We will continue monitoring the information on a daily basis and will make decisions based on
the latest information available to us.  Future communication about possible cancellation of
Worship, Lenten Study, meetings, etc. will be delivered via this website, email, and Facebook.  
If you know someone who does not have email, Facebook, or web access, please consider
passing this info along as part of our ministry to one another.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Dana McNeil